BRPVP is a mission for Arma 3 that requires you various abilities. In BRPVP you need to survive in the struggle for life against troops and militias that populate the map, but you will also have its glories and rewards, friends and a secure base. You will face many difficulties, alone or in groups, and you can be the difficulty of other players, so we are PvPvE. Come meet our development and be another survivor in this arduous and exciting mission, which in turn performs light on your PC.

BRPVP is localized in english, russian and portuguese.


BRPVP was programmed from scratch, from a empty text block to more than 25,000 lines of code. 8-bit style images were made especially for the mission as well as various sounds, including 20 specifically chosen zombies screams. The focus on programming and manipulation of the vanilla content enabled a mission with only 7 megabytes but with substantial changes on the gameplay. By having performance and simplicity as two of the main pillars, you will notice a higher FPS compared to other missions and mods.


  • Missions: Siege, Bravo, Road Block, Fort of Light, Fort Defend, Event Missions.
  • Roaming AI on foot and in vehicles.
  • Database save.
  • Friendship and Squad system.
  • Admin Menu.
  • Base building.
  • Base Protection, including auto Turrets.
  • Traders, including Obscure and Dismantle traders.
  • Bank Account.
  • Spoting Servides (Obscure trader).
  • Base invading Items (Obscure trader)
  • Advanced sharing: share your stuff with your friends and squad.
  • BRPVP Zombies: done from scratch.
  • Safezones.
  • Fast transfer items beetwen containers.
  • Virtual garage for planes and drones.
  • Overall server statistics in game.
  • All DLCs vehicles and itens.
  • Loot in buildings and militar areas.
  • More!


If you is a player join Discord server BRPVP House of Players on this link: https://discord.gg/Hak4Nau.

If you is an BRPVP server admin add me as a friend in Discord (user Donnovan#6284) and ask for a invite to BRPVP Admins Home Discord server.

BRPVP Tutorial (PT-BR): http://www.brpvp.com/iniciante/

Brazilian server on-line Kill Board: http://www.brpvp.com/kill_board.asp

BRPVP on BI Arma 3 Forum: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/221613-brpvp-survive-coop-pvp-evolved/


Download Link: BRPVP_dedi_server_all_files_v050_aguimar.7z (2019/04/14)


  • Fixed player getting stuck in mission turrets.
  • Position precision of constructions saved on database increased 100 times.
  • Jets and heavy tanks removed from traders.
  • Vehicle menu on vehicle traders now show armor and storage capacity.
  • Sky dive and parachute works allways the player is falling above 100 meters.
  • Respawn wait time is larger when you die for a player.
  • Added guards defending the Altis wall passages.
  • Time penault to respawn in PVP areas are allways 20 seconds.
  • You can't use master keys in the Traveling Aid areas.
  • The flag wall now goes into water if the flag is near water.
  • Added Control Center to quickly change the share of all your base goodies.
  • Added smart remote control to open doors https://youtu.be/Wa7j2CcPUME.
  • Fixed kill zombies with vehicle weapons don't give money.
  • Added sunked submarine mission.
  • Now you need to have free space in front of you to open the personal vault.
  • The remote control fix bugged doors when they are out of sync.
  • Remake of admin fly mode (now keys 4, 5, 6 and 7).


  • You can put all vehicle in virtual garage, but limited to a number of each type.
  • New EV mission: Fear Refinery.
  • Vehicles caught from Virtual Garage can be put again in it only after 15 minutes.
  • Fixed player dynamic 3D marks stuck or not show.
  • Player dynamic 3D marks are now visible to squad group and on map.
  • Now you can add a wall (5 types) arround flag area with 1 to 4 entrances.
  • Door hack on big buildings affects all building doors near the hack position but not far doors.
  • Admins now can choose between player mode and admin mode on login.
  • All prices was adjusted.
  • You cannot pass your flag to another player if he already have a flag.
  • Added Identifier item that allow you to identify the owner of a object, flag or vehicle.
  • Sky dive code reworked.
  • Added new mission: Bomb Mission.
  • Added option to see avaliable slots in virtual garage.
  • Added slightly modified Infected Village (100 zombies by default).
  • Infected Village zombies allways appears on map as orange dots.
  • Added a new mission: Transport Mission.


  • Dead turrets can't be removed giving space to another turret. Only after server restart.
  • Hacked buildings and objects now stays fully acessible until server restart.
  • Another try to avoid some spawned vehicles on traders to explode.
  • Fixed base defense turrets sometimes stops to attack after player dies to it.
  • Base radars are more usefull now (it see more).
  • Created "No Item Loss" mode where players don't loose gear when die, mainly for events.
  • Fixed player loose vault itens when BRPVP try to save a closed vault.
  • Land vehicles and players inside land vehicles now don't receive collision damage.
  • When you put a vehicle in the virtual garage, money is taken from the bank, and not hand anymore.
  • Added ban and unban options on admin menu (not BE).
  • Added "Who Invaded my Base" option on player menu.
  • Leaving a vehicle near a building don't make you enter the building.
  • Event Handlers now run a function and not code, for better performance.
  • New boat trader in the north of Altis.
  • New EV mission: Fear Refinery.
  • You can now set view distances for ground and flying modes.
  • AI vehicles are fully refueled each 5 minutes.
  • V038A - Fixed players access admin menu using View Distance option.


  • Jump in closed areas is less buggy now.
  • PhysX objects do not fall slowlly when constructing in the air.
  • When constructing you can move objects near and far with keys G and T.
  • When a EV mission finish, it removes itself and another EV mission starts.
  • Jets prices cut down to 50%.
  • IDAP and Gendarmerie uniforms now can be sold in the Collectors.
  • Enemy spawn on Fort Defend is now covered with dust smoke to allow spawn on open areas.
  • Tweaked small missions loot and reward to make then competitive with EV missions.
  • You cant automatic transfer money flares from a box.
  • Error in kill messages fixed.
  • Bank account is now limited to 15 milions.
  • You can store 4 milions in each base storage box.
  • Added Hack Tool on obscure trader, with it you can hack a player bank account.
  • Increased the value of flares to allow storage of greater money with less flares.
  • You can apply the dir and z attributes of other objects to your constructing object.
  • You can't transport money flares but you can transform then in wallet money.
  • Added IDAP Van to vehicle traders and Fedidex Express Service.
  • Added artillery vehicles to traders with limited attack ranges.
  • Fixed a bug in jump. Result: no more stuck when over no-walk objects.
  • Translated construction keys reference to english and russian (thanks zhaleks).
  • Fixed unstopable rotor sounds sometimes when you leave a heli.
  • Added drones, you can put then in the virtual garage anywere on the map.
  • Fixed vehicles exploding when you buy it.
  • Fixed disabled player not trow money suit case when disconnect.
  • Try to fix uniform and vest not saving on database.
  • Fixed virtual garage spawn when player is above a ground object.


  • Fort Defend mission. Defend the fort against waves of zombies and AI units, win money and items.
  • You can use spoting services to spot a player. This service is acquired in the Obscure Traders.
  • You now can use jump to unstuck yourself when stuck-floating above a geometry (vehicles, walls, etc).
  • The extra jump velocity done by surround geometry is now limited to 2 m/s.
  • The excedent of items tranference action is now put on the foot of the player executing the action.
  • Code optimizations to reduce the number of opened subscripts with small duration.
  • The small Tanoan hangar now can be lock picked.
  • Tweaked code to avoid buildings doors out of sync in different players machines.
  • The rewards on Fort Defend mission now goes to player wallet and not the player bank account.
  • You can construct a item that clean the trees and bushes 50 meters arround it.
  • You can place a shovel near a tree to remove that tree.
  • You can add trees to your base with the construction kit trees.
  • Radioactive areas with valuable loot. Use vodka to attenuate radiation effects.
  • Fixed weapon dissapear when player is revived (Arma 3 1.84 BRPVP bug).
  • Fixed loss of weapon acessories when transfering items from cargo to cargo.
  • Added a variable to turn AI blocked loot on and off easily (off by default).
  • Added a fix for isPlayer Arma 3 function giving false negatives.
  • Added Event Missions (EV) that you can turn on and off anytime.
  • Fort of Light is now an Event Mission (EV).
  • You can manualy set the box used in the player personal vault. For the ones wanting a bigger box.
  • Each event now have 2 reinforcements, a Kajman Attack Heli and a Huron with soldiers.
  • Turrets view angle increased.
  • Fixed bipods and binoculars dissapearing when saving items to database or transfering items.
  • Created a list with denied items. The list have Titans and thermal optics
  • Denied items are automaticaly removed from mission loot and dead AI units.
  • If you die equiped with a denied item it will be deleted and a sound will play.
  • Fixed unable to turn off base lamps.
  • Added virtual garage to all airports where you can store your planes, you must pay to use it.
  • Buildings now have global simulation disabled. Simulation is enabled when needed.
  • You can add Camonet and SLAT armour to the APCs and Tanks.
  • Now the vehicles that spawn on map are Fedidex vehicles, they get deleted on restart.
  • New oportunities to have vehicles simulation turned off.
  • Added Tanoa Support.
  • Fixed dupe related to personal vault and sell receptacle.
  • Fixed a dupe related to item transference.
  • Added no build area around EV events.
  • Added option "See Buildable Area" to show on map where you can build a flag.
  • Zombies spawn prone.
  • Added turrets to EV event mission in Tanoa.
  • Spot error increased to 500 m and now the spot money goes to the spoted player.
  • Kill message now show the projectile used, not the weapon.
  • Fixed various bugs that happens when you die with the vault or sell receptacle open.


  • More coming...


Arma 3 BRPVP Mission: LICENSE

You must use the word BRPVP in your server name and give proper credits to the Author (Andre Luis AKA Donnovan).

Arma 3 BRPVP Mission: AUTHOR

Author nick: Donnovan
Author name: Andre Luis
Author country: Brazil
E-mail: donnovan1979@yahoo.com.br
Discord: Donnovan#6284
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197975554637/
Website: www.brpvp.com (World) or www.brpvp.com.br (Brazil)